Asia Pacific Education Welcomes CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX to the family:
February 1, 2017

VANCOUVER, Feb. 1, 2017


– Asia Pacific Education Group (APEDU), a post-secondary education business that operates Canadian Tourism College, the longest operating tourism college in B.C. and Stewart College of Languages, began discussions with CG Masters six months ago and reached an agreement on January 31st to bring CG Masters into its family of schools. CG Masters is the third post-secondary college in B.C. APEDU has acquired in the last 12 months. All are designated by the provincial Ministry of Advanced Education’s Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB).


Chairman/President Feroz Ali welcomed CG Masters, stating “CG Masters is an industry leading school in its sector, and is helping to lift educational outcomes for all of its stakeholders, something APEDU is very focused on.” APEDU is also carefully selecting colleges to align with the priorities of the BC Government and the needs of industry, according to Mr Ali. Details of the transaction remains commercially confidential.


Co-Founder Vickie Boughen stated “After working incredibly hard at offering some of the best outcomes any animation school can provide, we are excited to be part of an organization that can provide us the resources we need to help us achieve our goal of being the most reputable animation and VFX school in the world.


Nick and Vickie Boughen are one of those dynamic “power” couples that seem to be in sync with everything. They are the perfect complement to each other. Nick has been one Vancouver’s most successful CG and VFX artists since 1997.
His work can be seen in iconic movies such as I, Robot, Invictus, and Angels and Demons. Vickie is one of those Administrators who has done it all from special event management to government relations and PR. In 2012 when they opened the doors of CG Masters School of 3D Animation & VFX, they realized their dream to turn the typical Animation and VFX training offered by most animation schools into ultra-realistic studio-ready training. As a VFX supervisor, Nicholas was tired of having to recruit and retrain digital media graduates to create commercial quality work acceptable to Hollywood studios. He believed this is something that the schools should be doing. So they constructed a school that is actually a production studio in the middle of New Westminster replete with a shooting studio with a 25′ green screen wall and screening room, feature-quality film and lighting equipment, full kitchen, team rooms, and render farm.


Since 2012 CG Masters has custom trained students in their intensive one-year diploma program. An astonishing 95% of their graduates have found studio work (when industry standard is normally 50-75%) and most graduates have been placed in the industry within 2-3 months of graduation. One of their graduates, Khari Anthony, has become a star at the school having recently finished working as a compositor on Beauty and the Beast and having his work featured in the trailer for the movie.


Radar, the resident black lab at CG Masters (because it’s normal to have a dog in a studio) was asked for comment, but declined, preferring to smugly smile at the prospect of joining a larger family.



Benjamin Colling to become Canadian Tourism College’s CEO:
November 3, 2016

Vancouver, Nov. 3, 2016


VANCOUVER – Sometimes things come full circle. Benjamin Colling started his hospitality career at the age of 22 with The Westin Bayshore Hotel as their Tour and Travel Sales Manager. A small-town boy from the town of Vanderhoof, B.C., with a population of 4,500, Colling remembers being amazed that he was lucky enough to work at a beautiful hotel on the edge of Stanley Park that could house 10 per cent of his town’s population.


A few decades later, after a career that featured the opening of two Vancouver hotels, a sojourn as one of the youngest directors to work at The Vancouver Board of Trade at the age of 30, and then a move to the education industry where he worked for three notable private post-secondary institutions (including Vancouver Film School and The Art Institute of Vancouver), Colling has come full circle, rejoining the hospitality industry, but this time as an educator. Benjamin Colling has been named as CEO of the longest-running tourism college in Western Canada, Canadian Tourism College (CTC).


Colling, who starts his position on December 1, stated, “I am humbled by the opportunity that I have to work with a dedicated group of individuals at CTC in helping students gain access to the more than 192,000 tourism jobs in British Columbia and the millions of tourism-related jobs world-wide.” CTC specializes in hospitality, tourism, adventure tourism, travel agent, and flight attendant education.


Colling will also act as CEO for a new entrant in B.C.’s post-secondary education circles, the Asia Pacific Education Group (APEDU). APEDU is an education investment company that specializes in the acquisition, merger, and growth of private post-secondary schools in Canada. APEDU is chaired and owned by Feroz Ali, a long-time acclaimed educator from New Zealand. Ali founded New Zealand Career College in Auckland in 2004, helping over 4,500 students before selling that school to ACG Group, New Zealand’s largest provider of private education with 12,000 students in classes from kindergarten to college. Ali became a Divisional Chief Executive for ACG in 2014 until he decided to immigrate to Canada and move to Vancouver, where his wife is originally from. Feroz Ali was recently asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the BC Council for International Education by the Ministry of Advanced Education.




Canadian Tourism College (CTC)


CTC is proud that much of its education is considered intense, hands-on training. This includes courses such as river rafting, heritage interpretation, and wilderness training for the Adventure Tourism Diploma program and cabin firefighting, assisting travelers with disabilities, and first-aid training for the Flight Attendant Diploma program.


Owned and operated by the Asia Pacific Education Group (APEDU), CTC has been dedicated to providing quality post-secondary education in tourism since 1980. Diploma and certificate programs are offered in Hospitality, Flight Attendant, Travel & Tourism, and Adventure Tourism specializations. Designated by the Private Training Institutions Brand of BC (PTIB) and having earned the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) from the Government of BC, CTC welcomes both international and domestic student at their Vancouver and Surrey campuses.


Benjamin Colling, MA, Leadership


Benjamin is an education leader who has been passionately involved in changing lives through the power of private education, in the post-secondary world, for the past 20 years. With roots in the hotel industry, Benjamin has been in leadership roles at The Vancouver Board of Trade, the Vancouver Film School, and the Art Institute of Vancouver. He has a proven track record of growing the enrollment, revenue, and reputation of the institutions he’s worked for. He is also a proud husband and father of three.


As the CEO of APEDU, Benjamin will be responsible for overseeing the growth and operations of all APEDU owned institutions, with his initial focus being APEDU’s primary college, CTC.


Benjamin’s vision for the future includes helping APEDU grow to become one of the largest and most ethical private educational organizations in North America. His secrets of success include an undying work ethic, an incredibly positive outlook, and a focus on building comradery through the organizations he has worked with.